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_ Juggling Sucks. I want to be a gardener.

Juggling Sucks. I want to be a gardener.
  2008-01-31 01:39 7342

5_ they said...

koolmagicguy _ 143 months
“I want to cry”
bombmistro _ 163 months
“i cant juggle (in the traditional sense) does that mean i cant be a gardener dang it what am i going to do with my life?”
jo_gazab _ 163 months
“these balls were handmade by me and looked like eggs when I finished them. it was a complete waste of material, but eventually I found the best use for it.”
Simalacrum _ 163 months
“nyuuuuuu you could have given those juggling balls to meee D:

and, well, I don't want to be a gardner... or do I...? hmmmm...”
TLMB _ 181 months
“Don't all the best jugglers want to be gardeners at some stage in their lives?”

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