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Errr..... see title! Getting into the vibe for Bungay Balls Up - no.8
  2007-04-03 02:50 7633

4_ they said...

TLMB _ 163 months
“The clubs are Beard Medium Air (but I use Renegade 95s now), the stageball is Mr Babache, the diabolos are Henrys Circus (but I use Sundia now), the beanbags are Spotlight Standard 4s, the yo-yo is a Henrys Viper. Non-pink props shall not be spoken of. Mostly I find them in Oddballs. Glad you liked the video. :)”
dospooks _ 163 months
“Great tricks and expert editing. Thanks for your encouraging words. BTW, where do you find the pink props? I like them.”
TLMB _ 191 months
“Thanks Ben. Actually I already have a paisley (backed) waistcoat, but I like to keep it for special occasions. Not sure about the haircut option though.....”
benbuddha _ 193 months
“Fanbloodytastic...if I could work out how to put this on my favourites on My Space I would !! Maybe a nice haircut and paisley waistcoat ?!?! Nice work young mastervoid.
Well done.”

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