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Musica :Zomboy link free download
here --http://goo.gl/LP3JN --
Video Edition: Moises Silva.
Thank to Watch.
Liege Belgium
  2013-01-10 03:47 1625

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Moisess.441 _ 59 months
“Some times a make in the carpet, but normally i practice everywhere i can and where i cant to! :D i have one ball just to performance and the rest are for training now 4 all no shattered but all near to be like that ^^ when i can i try to don't let the ball fall but some times just happen.
Pst: if you shattered one ball this mind you are training well.”
ben-2-8 _ 60 months
“Do you practice over a carpet or something, or do you just buy new balls after having shattered one ? Or don't you ever let one fall down, like a true Gravity Master ?”

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