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Nick has great club sequences and combinations.

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_ Let It Die

Juggling by Nick Laffey
Video by Meagan Nouis
Music by Feist
Minneapolis, MN - 2013 United States
  2013-04-19 03:18 5189

5_ they said...

Roflcopter _ 117 months
“Execution and flow of the moves- Very impressive
Editing and venue- Flawless
The only thing I find less than perfect is that I was either listening to the music and the story in it, or I was watching the juggler.
I didn't really feel there was a connection between the juggling and the tune. HOWEVER very few people are able to convey emotions with juggling, It's a difficult and unexplored medium. Maybe it wasn't the intention in the first place. None the less I loved it and am rating five stars and am awaiting your next production :D”
gercjuggling _ 120 months
“mortal !”
jakubjanz _ 121 months
“professor Smooth”
joelsalom _ 121 months
“Thanks for sharing, so smooth.”
Manuel _ 121 months
“Thanks for upload, very nice video.”

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