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_ A Job Well Done

A short juggling and other things video by Thom and his friends.
Huge thanks to all of you who supported the Adventure Collective on IndieGoGo last month! I'm flying to Pittsburgh this week to devise with the cast. Not familiar? Check it out! - www.theadventurecollective.org
We'll be in New York performing at the Metropolitan Playhouse January 16-19. Come say hi!

Also, big thanks to my spirit animal, Ben Domask.

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  2013-12-17 05:46 4194

5_ they said...

Tucetkulí! _ 93 months
“Perfect stuff! Keep it updated”
Thom! _ 93 months
“Good call on those edits! I hadn't caught that. Done and done.
I've got a few more ideas in the works - not done confusing you yet!”
TLMB _ 94 months
“Ha! Well, I was certainly "more engaged" whilst watching this than most other recent juggling vids. Keep confusing me, by all means. (Meanwhile, you might want to edit out a few of the "/n" s in your description, and maybe use the "Website link" field to live-link one of your URLs.)”
Thom! _ 94 months
“I thought you might like a challenge! ;)”
TLMB _ 94 months
“I genuinely don't know if I like this or not!”

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