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A short juggling film by Andrew Olson
Kansas City - 2014 United States
  2014-06-25 11:46 5031

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BrentFiasco _ 110 months
“Your videos are so good and so dense with tricks, I cannot watch any one of them in one sitting; it takes process time before I can come back for another minute or two. Consider this official fan mail, and me an official fan.”
apay34 _ 110 months
“wow that is something else. Nice work on some innovative site swaps. I wanna watch you just freestyle in a vid rather then trick for trick sometime but that was stellar!”
DiaboloDavidguitar _ 110 months
“I'm probably a philistine who's watched way too many juggling videos, but I feel you don't really make shapes enough, or put enough pauses, enough time to really feel what you're doing.
I'm just spouting artsy juggling bullshit right now, so I'll just leave”
pumpkineater23 _ 111 months
“Stunning 3ball Patterns.”

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