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_ Rainbow Siteswaps

The balls are programmed to be a certain colour determined by the vertical distance from my hand. The colour ranges from purple at the bottom up through blue, green, yellow, orange to red at the top of the highest throw - like a rainbow.

It requires fairly precise timing to keep in sync with the programmed timing. Some siteswaps I do a good job with it; others are not quite as in sync.

Music is Not Enough from the Gabriel and Dresden self titled album.
Perth - 2009 Australia
  2009-02-28 03:56 5388

4_ they said...

SethUmbenhauer _ 120 months
“This is amazing! Do you have accelerometers in the balls?”
hypnobe _ 133 months
“nice.. very nice ^^”
TLMB _ 138 months
“Coo! Colour me impressed.”
casualblunders _ 138 months
“wow! this is amazing. how long did it take you to programme this? did you film the sitswaps first and then the programming for each ball?”

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