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ja ja.
i hurt my should just a couple of seconds ago when i went to crack it. i mean it hurt a bit this morning but i thought i just slept on it funny. now i am starting to wonder if i hurt it in acro class tomorrow. humm. i guess it'll be better in the morning and for sure by the show tomorrow night. nothing to worry about. if you actually want to know about things you need to go to youtube and read the tags for this video there. i'm just sayin.
  2009-08-27 01:22 5376

4_ they said...

peteraberg _ 101 months
“Shit man! I didn't see this, super cool! :)”
Toddyupa _ 106 months
“Very Very Very Nice. We need a new channel now. What do you call the stuff at 0:30?”
Simalacrum _ 106 months
“awesome! rather unique stuff there..”
Robin _ 106 months
“Always interesting!”

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