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JTV says_ Time for some straight-out hardcore numberism on the front page. Take a tour around the green spots of York with Alex and his pandas.

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_ Panda Balls

A bluesy tour around the parks of York. Accompanied by some new 4-7 ball tricks that I have been meaning to film for absolutely ages! The balls used are (unsurprisingly) Panda Balls, made by George on his quest for the perfect juggling ball. They feel quite like Sportco Balls but look like pandas so are therefore inherently cooler! Music: 'Midnight' by William Elliott Whitmore
York - 2009 United Kingdom
  2009-10-04 03:40 11638

4_ they said...

VolcanoBrian _ 140 months
“Wow, killer tricks! Thanks for a wildly entertaining video =)”
BriManeely _ 162 months
“Thats great man!! Good job!!”
arcatres _ 164 months
“That's some sick tricks! :O”
jo_gazab _ 164 months
“thanks a lot. I like the shots at St. Mary's!”

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