_ Epic Starts Here

Arjan and I spent a week of our summer holidays at William's (aka crackers). This video is a result of the footage we shot and the ideas we had during that week.
This video (and it's soundtracks) contains cursing, partial nudity, inside jokes, heavy over-use of random quotes & samples and is overflowing with awesomeness.
Close your curtains, dim down your lights, crank the volume to the max and enjoy!
  2009-11-04 12:46 10195

11_ they said...

Christiaan531 _ 116 months
“Juggle juice bar/sandwich bar are located on Schiphol, an international airport in Holland guys.. :) Yay for Holland :p
Amazing video guys, even after watching it a bazillion times..”
@kdiabolo _ 122 months
“juggle juice bar? wheres this?”
@kdiabolo _ 126 months
@kdiabolo _ 128 months
“i like your stile”
@kdiabolo _ 128 months
“its really really really cool”
KingOfCheeseburger _ 138 months
“its not nice
ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!”
BriManeely _ 142 months
“hahaha!! Awesome fellas!”
guster _ 143 months
“Behold the future of diabolo! I've been all excited for this years diabolo.ca collabo video spectacular...but seriously-can it top this?”
jugglerwim _ 143 months
“whow , normaal diabolo eh .... ne !!! maar dit, zaaaaaaalig !!!”
Toddyupa _ 143 months
“It's amazing now, and to think that it's all like 3 months old, it really is epic!”
somentegui _ 143 months
“epics and epics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
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