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Jtv says_ We don't know who this is, but it's a very individual performance. Odd is cool. (Edit> We know who it is now, thanks to the cubecheat.)

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_ Guennadi Kil

bendy dancing singing juggler. odd but cool
  2007-05-15 06:05 6710

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DampRabbit _ 172 months
“Could this be the same guy in Rat Tango
I was once told the name of the guy in rat tango was something like guneddie.

Both acts are insane and brilliant so it could be the same guy :)”
TLMB _ 174 months
“Ha ha - I was hoping it was Viktor Kee. GK won a silver medal at Cirque De Demain in 1987. "The Russians introduced a completely different act in the form of the third silver medal winner, Guennadi Kil. His act was a mime musical parody juggling small balls. Accompanied by Russian folk music and Western music, this 22-year-old performer was a poet at his craft, demonstrating many original tricks with three balls. He finished with a nice six ball routine." - KHZ”
Offa _ 174 months
“Thanks for the information, I updated it. teeth, superglue, what?!”
cubecheat _ 174 months
“This is Guennadi Kil: who later appeared again on Paul Daniels as one half of the tennis-racket juggling duo "The Fackellis." On this occasion, his teeth have been superglued by himself into his mouth...”

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