_ Ashley Diamond - Mills Mess attempts

This is the first time I've tried learning a pattern from a video tutorial. Definitely seems the way to go.
  2010-03-22 01:51 3087

4_ they said...

AKDiamond _ 134 months
“I guess I was slow and awkward enough with it, at the time, that it is easy to see what I am doing! Glad it helped - it's a really fun pattern to have down.”
Rabit _ 134 months
“I have been having the hardest time with this move. BUt watching you do it actually shed a lot of light on how to do it. Thanks”
AKDiamond _ 164 months
“Thanks for the comment. And yes, my arms were very stiff by this point!”
donvantheman _ 164 months
“good, just keep your throws consistent, when your comfortable try adding a more sweeping motion, its better visually, u seem very stiff.”

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