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WARNING THIS VIDEO IS A FAKE - Most of the tricks are not tricks, or should I say they are tricks. Anyway the whole thing is a trick and should not be taken Seriously.
'Never trust a man who throws his 2s'

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_ The Void 'Seriously'

The Void's club routine, "Seriously". Featuring the site swap 3! Filmed at Durham, Leicester and Bath conventions. Recut in 2017 in HD, with added Milton Keynes.
Durham, Leicester, Bath - 2010 United Kingdom
  2010-06-23 03:45 8825

14_ they said...

Wis _ 151 months
“xD, I just love this one
1:41 is my favourite.”
veech _ 154 months
“Funny. :-)”
treywedge _ 156 months
“I was trying to conjure a bit of rhyming slang regarding the particular style of juggling that you were taking way too seriously, as well as guessing that it didn't actually start with Luke Wilson. And of course I only mention Ben Richter, because being American, my sense of history just doesn't reach all that far back. I did catch the "old fashioned way" of doing back crosses.”
TLMB _ 159 months
“Thanks JJ, J & Trey. But it 'started' long before that... at least as far back as W. C. Fields. Juggling has been not taken Seriously for thousands of years now.... :)”
treywedge _ 160 months
“I think it all started back when Ben Richter was at circus space.
Best video since Chris Bliss Diss. - miss guided”
Jumper _ 160 months
“like it”
JugglingJoe _ 161 months
“Like the style and routine!”
TLMB _ 161 months
“@Arron: "Fun"? You're just not taking my Art seriously, are you? @stan & tobin: Yes/good. @mizu: Thanks. @Simulacrum:Not better, just different. @Ieuan: How can you say that when they've recorded such classics as "Apache" and "Foot Tapper"? :-) - TV”
ieuan11 _ 161 months
“Void, the shadows are all wrong!”
Simalacrum _ 161 months
“it may be fake but he's still better than me XD”
mizujuggle _ 161 months
“verry well played”
tobin _ 161 months
“I love the way you throw your TWOs”
stan _ 161 months
“I'm sure he did let go, it's probably just a glitch in the video.”
Arron _ 161 months
“I'd like to point out you didn't even let go of the clubs in your alberts! Instant WJF disqualification! But a very fun routine! Good work!”

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