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_ CHILLelagh

Casiokids - Fot I Hose
Cake - Love You Madly
Sunshine – Top! Top! The Radio!
The Underground Railroad To Candyland – Square Ball

During our summer vacations, Dennis, Aaron and Niklas visited Tim, Mokai and Tobi in the biggest and most awesome city – if you still do not know it, it’s Wolfsburg
We came up with the idea of the title while chilling. Suddenly, three little yellow aliens with purple feet and white spots took us in their spaceship and yelled at us: CHILLelagh!! CHILLelagh! We were not able to resist the awesomeness of these little creatures, ‘cause they cut off our ears and made a drink out of them and drank it while eating a self-made bagel. After this little conversation, we took “CHILLelagh” as the title and they beamed us home, but not without handling back our ears in a jar.
If you need pronunciation tips, visit this site:
Wolfsburg - 2010 Germany
  2010-08-09 11:24 7285

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jonathanangert _ 98 months
“Very Good!!”
kennyjuggling _ 98 months
“sweet jugglin/diaboloin ;) and awsome editing !!”
Simalacrum _ 98 months
“hot stuff dudes, keep it up!”
SimonRico _ 99 months
“BEST !”
Toddyupa _ 99 months
“Love the description. Got to do that in my next. Oh and nice vid as well :)”

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