_ Vertax Is Rubbish from EJC Live!

Vertax is Rubbish with Marko Akkanen at the EJC 2010.
Joensuu - 2010 Finland
  2010-08-10 50:05 4074

1_ they said...

dumeili _ 146 months
“ello, in the Internet to see you a few playing video, the Chinese kongzhu teaching is very good. I don't know you had three diabolo teaching video? There are more online play three video, but for the Chinese kongzhu beginners to learn the three main don't know, the method of practice. You use diabolo axis is fixed axis or bearing (live), in addition, the shaft of the left and right in the move, or left-handed fixed right hand move. Two hands how to cooperate, can have such teaching video”

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