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To celebrate JTV going Polish (Thanks Nika!), here's a vid on a frozen Polish lake, from one of our other translators. Drink responsibly.

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_ Vodka con hielo

I went for a practice but the weather was really nice and there was a perfectly frozen lake, I couldn't resist filming something (some of the warming up combos of my practices actually) with the little battery I had left. As always, no so hard stuff but pretty solid (take into account the slippery surface).
Hope you like it
Gorzkowice Poland
  2011-04-06 03:08 3619

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looby _ 151 months
“1:34 :)”
maxpower _ 151 months
“Ese Wis. Si no consigo sacarme el combo de cuerpo, te preguntaré para que me eches una manita. :D”

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