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_ Freddy Sheed Video 9

Hi Guys,

yeah, well, here it is.
this is video 9, all my older freddy sheed videos were not put on here because they sucked!

Fairley technical 5-8 balls,3-7 clubs
Also, the intro explains why i haven't managed to make videos for a while. Other than that my school is taking over everything :'-(
I've been working on ball juggling a whole lot more since my accident, so yeah, dont judge me severley!





Fatboy Slim, Santa cruz
The flaming lips, It overtakes me
Good charlotte, I just wanna live
Bob sinclair, Everybody dance now
  2007-12-02 06:34 6545

3_ they said...

clown_pride _ 190 months
“i love your videos they are awesome

btw what kind of balls do you use?eg thuds or solid balls
and also what make are they?”
TLMB _ 192 months
“Pesky talented kids! V nice 5bmm, and cross-handed 5b rev cascade. I hope you got *this* 7 club flash quicker than the last one, Freddy ;-) The bonus footage at the end really made me grin. Good work.”
Arron _ 192 months
“That was nuts! rock on!!”

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