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珍しい二人のブラジル人ジャグラー (Part 1)


In case you are wondering why everything's so Japanese about the video, the reason is because we wanted to convey the message that we are very influenced by their juggling in a different way. The main idea of the video is not to copy tricks from Japanese people, but to show variations and tricks that we made based on their tricks. The second part of the video is coming soon and won't have Japan as a theme. Thanks so much for watching! (P.S. half of the description is supposed to be in Japanese, but since there isn't enough space here I couldn't include it. To read it, check out the YouTube link). Inspirations: Adverse – Jr. (Ryohei Kimura), Kota Hayashi (3hirota), Kouta Ōhashi, Yoshiya and HITOketsuraku. Rick - asf360, Shiomi (shiomi2112), Koichi Miyamoto (m5813k) and Lucas Adverse. Music: I had to merge two tracks into one because we had too much footage :P Rip Slyme – Galaxy Rip Slyme – Joint Location: Praça da Liberdade - Belo Horizonte, Brazil.






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