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Analogik feat. Spot the Drop


Finally, we got the chance to perform our balls/chairs routine live to Analogik in the absolutely packed Stadtgarten, Cologne. Many Thanks to Morten for camera, and the whole of Analogik and Bo Marley for a great evening! Go and see them when you can, and bring all of your friends, too! Music: http://www.myspace.com/analogikofdk Party: http://www.kompott.info/ Juggling: http://spotthedrop.com/






Spring Break '010


A fun video of spring break, nothing to serious or full of effort but some nice tricks nonetheless. Most of the footage is from my trip to Oakland where I got to juggle with Shawn, Kyle and the rest of the people at the Vulcan and the Vagabond Ballroom. Hurray for nudists and juggling, two things that go oh so well together. The beard section in the middle is to make Sondre happy or disturbed depending on how he takes it.






BJC 2011 Nottingham


Videos and photos from my first ever juggling convention - BJC 2011 at Nottingham! Enjoy!!!/nIf you want to get in touch, feel free to e-mail me on markwatson@juggler.net






BBB retirement


I deeply love bbb but I had to stop practicing it long ago (2008) due to sustained wrist injuries and alas there is no videos of me in my prime. Adam inspired me to film a few old tricks at Turbo so tonight I grabbed my balls for the first time since 2011 and tried to film them. I managed to learn a new one and do another one for the first time ever! This video contains those, a few old 3bbb tricks and a few 4bbb clips from 2011 when I failed to start seriously again (you can see the evolution of my beard)./n It's been a pleasure to see the new kids push the boundaries and I have no regret, thanks to my injuries I've started rings and rarely look back upon my bbb days even though they were amazing moments. So it's with no shame that I announce my official retirement from the bbb world, have fun doing it, I'll the happy to join you for a few seconds once in a while. /nThanks a lot for all your support in my challenge with Norbi, I've got 90 new suscribers in 3 days and 700 to go in 10 days! New video tomorro






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