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Shoebox Tour America 2011 (trailer) Jay Gilligan Wes Peden


Swedish pants, Danish shirts, and bow tires make in Ohio are twisted and thrown around by the jugglers who inhabit them. Jay Gilligan and Wes Peden perform the duet Shoebox show with stacks of rings folding over shoulders onto unsuspecting wrists, a jumping golden frame, instant prop stands in living action, condemned graffiti covered buildings, and 5 club revers spins. /nFilm length: 45 minutes Price: 10$ Size 1.6 GB Format: (dot)MOV http://www.wespeden.com






Neck Propellers


I learnt these trying to get the matrix. The way you lean and shift your body is very similar to how you would for a matrix but easier. I go in from a horizontal pivot because it gets the staff nicly in plane. Once the staff is on your neck lean away from the staff and let it spin around the back of your neck. Then do the same in the other direction to get it back round the front. Useing your shoulders to push the staff round can help.






Nursery Rhyme Juggle :D


Random Juggling Idea! First line of "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" successfully juggled! Silly but fun :D






Acrobaties dans Moulin Rouge 1950


Show en el Moulin Rouge, el hombre y la mujer ciclistas acróbatas hacen evolucionar las leyes del equilibrio, a continuación, el hombre en una bicicleta en miniatura de pedales sosteniendo a la mujer de pie sobre sus hombros. Despues un malabarista hace un número con los mazas y con una bola equilibrada en la cabeza salta a la cuerda y va añadiendo anillos. Johnny GRAY es el equilibrio del hombre en la moto y el malabarista es desconocido/nShow at the Moulin Rouge, a man and a woman cycling acrobats, evolve the laws of balance, then the man on a miniature pedal bike. holding the woman standing on his shoulders. Then a juggler made a number with clubs and then with a ball balanced on the head. jumping a rope and adding rings. Johnny GRAY is the man balance on the bike and the juggler is unknown






Tricks With Hats: Back tumble


Back tumble - Tumble the hat down your back and then up again. Put the hat towards the back of your head. If you throw the head back you should be able to hit the brim with the back of the neck and have it roll down the back. As the hat rolls bend forwards from the waist to slow it down. Catch it in a inside grip with both hands. Hold the hat still but move your hands so that they are at the front of the brim. Flick the hat so it rolls up the back. As you feel it on the shoulders put the head back to catch it. Getting the timing right takes a lot of practice...be warned, this trick is difficult. From the TricksWithHats archive






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