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Slesnick's Tennis Ball and Can Routine


I just wanted to be able to embed this video. Originally released by Mutton in 2005: Mutton wrote: > There's been some recent discussion about tennis ball and can on > rec.juggling, so I finally brought my camera to club the other day to > film one of Scott Slesnick's routines. There will be more to come, but > for now... enjoy!






Tennis Can: The Development of an Idea


This is a collection of video I shot over the years as I developed a routine around the tennis ball and can./nHere's my recollection of the history of 3 tennis balls and a tennis can: On easter of 1989 I was bored and picked up a can of tennis balls thinking, "I can probably throw all of the balls out of the can and then go into a 4 pattern that includes the can." I quickly discovered some of the centrifugal properties of the can and began developing a routine at the Celebration Barn with people like Fritz Grobe and Steven Ragatz helping to critique my idea. At the same time in another part of the world, Scott Slesnick had discovered the same prop, but was doing different things with it. Neither of us knew of the other for years, but when we met at an IJA convention in Vegas one year, we pieced together the rumors we had heard of each other and decided that we had both come up with it independently and had been spreading it around the world over the years.






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