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Jtv says_ _Tijn time! Tijn's been a busy upload bunny. Too many to mention them all here, but for starters, check out the utterly wonderful and marvelously summery Better Together, ...the cross-continent interweb mesh that is the Diabolo.ca collaboration, ...and the man himself staying cool in competition-
NK 2007 Martijn Halekor. Thanks Martijn!

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_ Better Together

This is Arjan's and Ceri-Anne's summer 2006 diabolo video. They've asked me to help with the filming and editing.
Groede - 2006 Netherlands
  2007-05-03 04:55 7986

2_ they said...

hexagonic _ 159 months
“I must have seen this at least a year ago, now I've just realised you did La-la Land also, which I'm lovin'.
Keep 'em coming!”
harm1 _ 182 months
“One of my favourite diabolo movies ever!”
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