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a friendly juggling duo in their stylish costumes.

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_ Anatoli & Viktor

Russian Circus Act Anatoli Miagkostoupov and Viktor Pilipovich Really Nice Club Work
  2012-02-04 04:23 4707

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Hapiel _ 66 months
“Disgusting clubs! I am glad we have something better nowadays..
Great final catch, I want to learn these kind of falls now too! And awesome synchronized juggling and jumps!”
chris _ 66 months
“enjoyable to watch very smooth juggling”
Robin _ 66 months
“Oops... Almost forgot about the greatest final catch in history!”
Robin _ 66 months
“Without question my favourite duo club act of all time, I used to watch this all the time back in the day! Must be their fresh modern approach coupled with their stylish costuming and choreography! Love it.”

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diabolos at oddballs

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