Who, What, Where is Juggling.tv ?
JTV is based in the UK, and was born from an idea hatched at the European Juggling Convention in Slovenia 2005. Our aim was to create an online archive for all the great juggling footage both old and new. The site finally went live in April 2007, just in time for the British Juggling Convention in Nottingham. Committed to the sharing of juggling videos worldwide, JTV is proud to serve the juggling community.

Run by jugglers for jugglers, we're not in this for the money (in fact it's cost us a fair bit for the last 2 years...), but we have high bandwidth costs, so if you feel like buying any of our stuff in the store, then we appreciate the support! If you really love us, feel free to make a paypal donation.

JTV is currently hosting 10147 juggling videos, which have been watched 36,744,262 times. We have 6694 members from all around the world, and the good news is these numbers keep getting bigger.

Our thanks go to Max Oddball, who as well making the VHS that inspired a generation*. has supported JTV from the beginning, including the services of marvellous David: to fight the twin evils of PHP and CSS to help make jtV2 so much of an improvement over jtV1.

Thanks also to those who provided images for our icons: Peter Bone, Henrys, Play and Damp Rabbit.
Thanks so much to our translators: Johannes Lind (Deutsch), Ori Roth (Hebrew), Petr Kletečka (Čeština), Dani (Català), Aymeric Daval-Markussen (Français & Dansk), Wis & Circoforum (Español), Samuli Männistö (Suomi), Irmak Kuyumcu (Türkçe), Fabio Thithola (Português BR), Nika (Polski), Miya Chikako (日本語), Elida ( 汉语 / 漢語). And of course, a big thank you to all our members, who have helped make the site what it is today. Enjoy the site! - Upload, Download, Rate, Comment, Follow, be seen..... or you could even just watch.

...would like to thank, in no particular order, Howie, Void, Ian, JJ, Jenni, Matt, David, Mark, Yoni, Max and Alex.
*Do we mean The Ultimate Ball Juggling Video, or Michiel Hesseling 89? You decide!
if you want to know more, email: [email protected]
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