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_ Medieval flowersticks

Medieval flowerstick video 2010
Dog crew: Jeronimo
Pagan: Issi
Cáceres Spain
  2012-02-06 04:34 2415

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KINESSIS _ 88 months
“There where you are Eddy:) First take your flowerstick(for the beginning its easier)and try and try over again to spin it between your fingers.All is only practice and repeating.Very important is to think about all.Your body, arm, fingers and the stick.The most important is to breath!!sometimes if you try concentrate you forget breath and.. no oxygen-no power.Also here is very nice stix page:) www.stixguru.com
So keep spinning and breathig!!”
Eddy _ 88 months
“Where can I learn to turn the handsticks around the fingers? Thanks!!! :)”

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