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_ David Leahy 6

Wow, where do I even start with this video? I started the David Leahy series in January 2007 with the first video and carried on to make the next 4 all within the year 2007. The original plan for the 6th video was May 2008 but I struggling to improve and ended up scrapping the video. I got back into juggling seriously in 2010 and spent awhile trying to reach my previously obtained standard.

Anyway, Here I am in 2012, 4.5 years after the last video, and I've finally completed it! I really hope you enjoy it, I tried really hard trying to make this video reflect my juggling and even after watching it hundreds of times, I enjoy the final product. Thanks to everyone for the continuous support and inspiration in juggling; you mean the world to me!

I do intend on making David Leahy #7 but I have some big plans with TSC so it could take awhile. I do have like 16 weeks summer holiday though so I'm sure you can expect both around then!
  2012-04-17 06:27 5386

3_ they said...

adys.01 _ 135 months
“i love skrillex ... :P and very nice video awesome tricks”
Clairfairy _ 143 months
“This is proper amazing.
hellester _ 143 months
“can't wait for #7, keep it up!”

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