_ Circus Assessment (Performance)

A circus performance my friend and I performed in circus class last term. We have still yet to perform it to an audience this term.
The basci story line is that I (the kid with blonde hair starting on stage) am doing some diabolo tricks. My friend (dark haired guy) walks on and sees me. He trys to show me up by juggling but fails (on purpose). I show him up again, and he steals my diabolo (twice) then he grabs some staffs. We fight, he "beats me", but then I get pu and finish him with the diabolo and do a final trick. ENJOY! :DDD/nP.S. The reason I ran off stage quickly was to grab a diabolo which rolled off stage. Sorry for the 2 fails (diabolo ones).
C.P.A.H.S. - 2012 Australia
  2012-05-04 03:49 3878

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