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Highly technical vertax skills. Try not to get dizzy... Hang in there for the last 2 tricks especially.

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This video represents two working years to excalibur, I hope that it will please you and that it will tempt you to go farther.
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  2012-09-20 05:07 7680

5_ they said...

Sparnage _ 139 months
ipaxxx _ 139 months
“Fantasco trabajo... Solo eso, fantastico...”
pedro _ 139 months
“es el mejor video que e visto eres una maza severo espero ver pronto mas videos tuyos”
moelile _ 139 months
“woooow !!!!! amazing!!”
Simalacrum _ 139 months
“Around halfway through the video with all the 2D vertax tricks (bearing in mind I didn't even know 2D vertax tricks were a thing till now), and I thought "haha, nice… now do 3D vertax".
And then you did, and my mind was fucking. Blown.
You, sir, are the epitome of the phrase "don't watch, be seen". I sincerely hope you are seen by as many people as possible, and I'm kinda jealous of JTV for getting to this vid and featuring it before me! XD”

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