_ Electric Show From Duo Aratron Aspis with Graphic Poi

The advance cannot be stopped, nor us.
If you are a demanding spectator and you think that there is nothing to surprise you this show is the right one for you. The utmost connection of light technique and juggling art in an ultrafashionable execution of the future millenium.
Bratislava Slovak Republic
  2012-10-13 06:21 3403

2_ they said...

aratron _ 129 months
“Thanks KINESIS :) If you want to see the next video which are now preparing than so please follow this link 30.12.2012 will be premiere of the new clip Poi revolution with Yuta poi :) https://www.facebook.com/events/368258679929420/?ref=ts&fref=ts Thanks :)”
KINESSIS _ 131 months
“1st: Great!!
2nd: I realy dont uderstand why somebody give so low rating to this video!! This video cost a lot of energy to create and its realy cool.
thumb down hasty assessment..
Great job!!!”

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