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Jtv says_ Yo-yos are alright by us. A fascinating chat with a stalwart UK performer.

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_ An interview with Don Robertson

Don talks about his fifty-year career as a yo-yo performer: how he got started, competitions, highlights from his career, his son Mark, and what he thinks of the current yo-yo scene. [Subtitles added because I didn't have an external mic, and the cafe background noise was a bit too loud at times.] Interview by The Void (British Yo-yo Champion 2003).
Ladbroke Grove, London. - 2008 United Kingdom
  2008-06-26 25:49 8226

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TLMB _ 100 months
“Don's finally going to hand over his title: http://www.braintreeandwithamtimes.co.uk/news/4840734.Yo_yo_legend_is_set_to_hand_over_title/”
Arron _ 107 months
“This is why JTV is so special.”
Smalls _ 118 months
“Thankyou! That is beautiful!”

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