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  2013-02-18 07:41 2664

4_ they said...

koolmagicguy2 _ 120 months
“Near flawless performance. Very impressive!!”
HobbitJigs _ 120 months
“That was a very good performance. It always interests me to see the spinning of balls, as this was a pastime I used to indulge in.
Unfortunately, my fingers get too sore, too quickly, and so I'm (trying) to learn to juggle -- Only 2 balls, so far. LOL
Oops, I may have given you 4 stars instead of 5. Silly me.”
isidro _ 121 months
“Thanks friend. I have two tripods, the recording is an audience member with a cell phone, I chose this because I like seeing juggling remote. I have the whole video of some better quality but decided to upload this.”
TLMB _ 121 months
“Great juggling, cool tricks. But the shaky camerawork is distracting - get a tripod!”

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