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A new pattern created using Aidan notation. The manipulators in this pattern are dependent, as clubs are taken by one manipulator and replaced by the other.
4 count static Y base, with B at the back of the Y, D in the middle of the Y, A on the left of the Y (from the point of view of D and B) and C on the right. Aiden notation for the pattern:
A ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss
B ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss
C ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss
D ps|ss|ps|ss|ps|ss
M1 cD|--|sA|iA|cA|--
M2 sC|iC|cD|iD|cB|iB
M1 starts back to back with D facing B
M2 stands in front of C facing C
We start with a ps and then the manipulators begin on ss. The manipulators start on the last instruction at ss as it is written above (M1 --, M2 iB)
When M1 reaches the end of the instructions, M1 becomes M2 (having reached the physical location of M2 at the start of the M2 instructions). Similarly M2 becomes M1
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