_ Blind Overheads.

As I get better and better at this trick I decided to make a quick video with the few first variations I'm doing and some practice tips.
I hope that this will inspire some people to start practicing it, as I only know of very few who can do it.
I included a list of people that I know of below, if you know more feel free to msg me or comment on the video.
Also, if you have ideas for other variations then I would love to hear those!
Other people doing the trick:
Joelle Huguenin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxrCT6Cx0kI
Julien Clement in the DVD "Object Episodes - Never Give Up" (very solid change from bbb to blind overheads)
Chris Hodge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrnlZD713Ig
Christian? from Germany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZANJo88J074 at around 1:30.
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6_ they said...

jugglemanu _ 123 months
“schöne sache, werd ich gleich mal probieren julz! .. with patience!!! aaaaargghghghghgh”
MM _ 125 months
“Schöne Sache - danke Dir!”
punkgirl13 _ 125 months
“thanks for the hint, paul! i knew i watched it somewhere in an old video.. i asked for the nopirouette videos to be reuploaded, and now put the link in the description. i have seen him before on conventions as well but i didnt know that he could do this trick.”
moremuesli _ 125 months
“cool danke werds gleich mal probieren! gruß rufus”
lordlind _ 125 months
“ups, it seems I deleted a part of my comment.
you can... see him in one of the "no pirouettes" videos”
lordlind _ 125 months
“I know a few more people who can do blind overheads.
- There are several japanese jugglers who can do it but most of them are using an other technique. as example http://juggling.tv/3940
- one juggler from south germany who is also able to do it as a 423. I think you can
- another juggler from Germany. I forgot his name but he studied in Kaiserslautern.”

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