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More Laffey loveliness and Gonzales goodness. How has this classic never been featured? It has now!

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_ Neverthriving

Turn your speakers on for these club throws and catches by Nick Laffey and Tony Gonzalez. Filmed in Minneapolis, and mostly at night, it's a t-shirt montage mostly about music. They're neverthriving.
2008 United States
  2008-08-14 12:31 10145

5_ they said...

John_Ticklesocks _ 95 months
“Still one of my favourite videos on here, no matter how many times I watch it. :-)”
ntagants _ 100 months
“nice video. but I just wanna know: who is "Chris LaRue"?”
dalonia _ 101 months
“That video is really the best one i've seen !
You make me wanna leave France to go there. Minneapolis ! ♥
The best, best, best. :D”
geobe58 _ 109 months
“Great video”
JustinNorman _ 117 months
“Mr. Laffey, your juggling skills continue to tickle my fancy to an unhealthy degree. Very nice.”

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