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Indoor fireworks, stage pyrotechnics, pyrographics. We offer our services to any indoor or outdoor stage events, theatrical performances or even to the village day. Our target is to satisfy every stage or film idea, inspired by the most modern techniques carry out, in the safest way possible. Our team almost one decade of working with fire like a skilled pyrotechnics. The past years, We could realize more than one thousand performances without accidents.

We use the popular effects:

- Sparks Fountain (30 seconds, any size, anywhere can be fixed)
- Jet Sparks (1 sec with a sudden spark firing, anywhere can be fixed)
- Waterfall (mounted on high ground, "Greek fire" is known as sparks)
- Flame effects (like gun shots)
- Torch (smokeless flame can be ordered)
- Fire bowl (any shape bowl , smokeless flames!)
- Explosion imitation
- Smoke machine, fog machine
- DMX flame machine
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