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If you love diabolo, you need this DVD set.

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_ The Planet Diabolo Project - 3 DVDs Collection - Official Traile

The Planet Diabolo Project is a 3 DVDs collection about the art of diabolo created by French diabolo artists Nico Pires, Priam Pierret and Thierry Delaveau./nIt features the talent of more than 100 artists recorded over 3 years and 5 continents!/nThe collection contains:
- the DVD "Diabolo is a trip": the first real movie about the art of diabolo worldwide. Follow Nico Pires in his journey around the styles and the destinies of the most amazing diabolists across the world.
- the DVD "Diabolo is a skill": 2 hours of educational content to become a diabolo master, from 1 to 4 diabolos.
- the DVD "Diabolo is a show": 26 acts of the best performers of the world, diabolo legends and emerging talents./nVisit our website for more information and to purchase the DVDs : http://planet-diabolo.com/nWelcome to the diabolo universe!
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