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Great stuff from Pranay, with some interesting suicide releases, and numbers mania.

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_ Pranay in Malaysia - Diabolo Tricks 2014

I filmed this video in June this year in the malaysian Capital "Kuala Lumpur" in some nice locations. It's not only me who is doing tricks with the diablo but some really sick malaysian special guests as well :-) I hope you like it! To be up to date please like my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pranayart
  2014-09-19 03:13 2222

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eshibuya _ 44 months
“Beautiful work in one of my favorite cities!
Re: music- that's an instrumetal version of "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson”
Cyremia1 _ 44 months
“Astonishing video, you and the two guys in the end have quite good technical skills ! What's the name of the music used in the video ? Thank you and keep going man !”

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