_ Tricks With Hats: Steve Rawlings Twisty Hat Catch

Steve Rawlings showed me this trick in Birmingham and said that he used to do it in every show, but now that he's older (and a little rounder :-) he can't get it every time any more. Steve uses a china plate for this trick, but it works with hats too which is why it's here! :-)

Take the hat in your right hand, using an inside grip and hold it so that the crown of the hat is facing to the left.

Throw the hat virtically with some spin, and then do the following while the hat is in the air...

Put your right hand between your legs
Take the hand around the back of the right leg
Stand on your left leg and move the right hand & foot behind the left leg

Then, catch the descending hat in your right hand, from that position. Without falling over.

Top Tips: Practice the "tangle yourself up" bit first without the catch. Keep your eye on the hat as it decends, practice loads...

Luke Burrage managed to get this on video within 30 minutes. I've been trying for weeks and can't do it. It's pretty hard.
  2015-03-15 00:06 2200

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