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Donald's back with another new batch of inventive tricks. Don't know why he's spreading rumours about tea though...

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_ Donald Grant - T Wrecks!

What to do on a windy day with a box of old juggling t-shirts? Shoot another kendama edit, of course …..:)
This is the ninth film in the series. We've been doing these since March 2013...since when we seem to have racked up over 20,000 views...
Like this one? Then try these... (in reverse order):
“Spiking the Lawn”- http://www.juggling.tv/15456
“Catch of the Day”- http://www.juggling.tv/15074
"Dreel or no Dreel"- http:/www.juggling.tv/14762
"Ain't Misbe-Haven"- http://www.juggling.tv/14333
"Cheese on Coast”- http://www.juggling.tv/14060
"The Grate Escape"- http://www.juggling.tv/13459
"BraveHearth"- http://www.juggling.tv/13144
"Long Overdue"- http://www.juggling.tv/12964
Music this time by Lewis Hamilton.
Tunes are (in order):
“Journey Home”
“Head in the Sand”
“Cheap Cigars”
All from the “Ghost Train” album (which Pete played on...)
If you like them, you can discover more at www.LewisHamiltonMusic.com
Colinsburgh - 2016 United Kingdom
  2016-07-12 08:54 3466

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