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freshly sponsored felix is doing nice tricks, and I wanted to feature it because (even though it isn't perfectly done) this video shows what an impact having panning and other moving shots can make. Helps us see the setting of Bristol well and isn't as boring as just standing and juggling in front of things. Lets see those cameras moving people! #gofelix


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_ Loop Clubs: Sponsored by Henry's and Oddballs

Here is the video for the *NEW* Loop Clubs by Oddballs and Henry's.
They were very kindly given to me whilst I was at the BJC!
Thanks to Henry's and Oddballs who are both sponsoring me and this video!

Loop Grip Club
Weight- 210g
Length- 52cm
Colour- Turquoise

Henry's- https://www.henrys-online.de/en/
Oddballs- http://www.oddballs.co.uk/

Cinematography by Mark
Website: http://markool89.wixsite.com/mhphotography

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Ash O'Connor - Vibe [NCS Release]

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Bristol United Kingdom
  2017-04-21 02:50 1917

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ENCODED FILE - iPod friendly version
640x360 - 30fps - mp4 - 22.66MB
Download Count: 125
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