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MiniEd - 4-person, extra-walking, period-6 MinuEd variation /nBase pattern: rotating PPSPPS feed, with C walking on 2 and A walking on 4; walking always on a left hand, clockwise
Manipulation sequence as MinuEd without the zip-zip part; crossing pop helps to avoid clubbed heads/nNotation in video, underlining indicates walking/nPro tip: Pass to A on beat 1 should be aimed at M's head/n(This took us quite a few festivals to put together. Thanks for everybody who had the patience with me at MadFest, Mondo, Charlottesville, IJA, EJC, and Passout.)
Vashon Island, WA - 2017 United States
  2017-10-13 00:45 678

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ponk _ 11 months
“As Ed points out: Notation incorrectly labels the transitions. Should be A->B, B->C, C->A at the end.”

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