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'Performing arts center, Joensuu, Finland'
Pilkontie 7, 80120 Joensuu/nNÄYTTÄMÖ is a performing arts and concert venue situated at the Pilkontie 7, Joensuu, Finland. NÄYTTÄMÖ is the flagship arts and cultural venue in Joensuu, creating a year-round programme that encompasses the best in contemporary performance, arts participation, cultural education and outreach work for both its community and the sector as a whole./nSirkus Supiainen founded NÄYTTÄMÖ 2018 with support of Finnish Culture Foundation. The NÄYTTÄMÖ is the home stage for Sirkus Supiainen's perormances. We are committed to leading the way in the creation, production, presentation and artist/audience development of and for contemporary circus theatre. /nNÄYTTÄMÖ exists to ignite creativity within, diverse communities and works tirelessly to overcome traditional barriers - including age, socioeconomic background and geography – to achieve full engagement with the arts for everyone./nTechnical Specifications
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Joensuu Finland
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