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_ Flambal Olek - Firechili in Hamburg

Flambal Olek presents the Firechili as -Lila Man- performing a solo fireshow in Hamburg. Enjoy :-)
Bremen - 2009 Germany
  2009-06-10 02:39 4020

7_ they said...

mango _ 160 months
“From 1:20 the video makes me think about anthony kiedis from RHCP :P dont know why but it just does.
great video, great performance, awesome skills, it's the perfect video !”
karlswing _ 171 months
“YES !!! ace stuff! great laugh !!! editing and music rock !!!!! :)”
HBuggler _ 171 months
“thank you! love this vid, its very, very funny, wunderfull style and cool editing, the music s good- AND throwing the staff is very cool !!!”
FlambalOlek _ 171 months
“Thanks! Throwing that staff was a little risky ;-) I was so astonished that he did it, that I completely forgot my camera. But it landed exactly in the outstreched hand of one of uns watching in the background. great throw!!!”
vertigo14 _ 171 months
“Hey, I like your video! Very nice and funny too. Going crazy with fire fans !!!
What happend to the staff, the guy throws out of the scene at the end of the video ???”
FlambalOlek _ 171 months
“Yes! the Harbour Birthday in Hamburg... lots of great ships - the ships even danced a ballet ;-)”
vrana _ 171 months
“nice ship in the background :-) ...and great performing too !!!”
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