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_ diabolo meets dresden - part II

it´s NOT another trickvideo !!!

second part of sightseeing-tour - enjoy
saxony - 2009 Germany
  2009-06-18 06:12 4220

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TLMB _ 171 months
“Actually, I do know what you mean. Sometimes I get very bored of 'trick videos'. So I guess I should say thanks for trying to be different. Maybe my attention span isn't long enough. I liked triabology more....”
zeddic23 _ 171 months
“hey tlmb - i´ve seen so much trickvideo´s on this and many other sites - but I've decided that i want make a video where are not the tricks are the most significant. i want to show the people, where i live - thats why i only use 2d-high. i hope so, that some other people are also intresting for the backroundpictures and enjoy it.
sry for my bad english but i hope u understand what i mean...”
TLMB _ 171 months
“To make one video of exclusively 2d-high may be regarded as a miscalculation, Mr Worthington. To make two looks like foolishness! Nice sync sequence at the end.”

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