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_ Jason Garfield @ BJC07

Jason Garfiled proves he is not all tallk in the Public Show at The British Juggling Convention 2007, in Nottingham.
Nottingham BJC - 2007 United Kingdom
  2009-06-24 04:59 4923

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koolmagicguy2 _ 90 months
“I like his dry humor.”
BrandorTheGreat _ 98 months
“This was posted and wonder if anyone else feels the same way... sorry for the language, but well, when you are talking about Jason, it can't be helped. I was just suprised how many people chimed in on the subject! [Comment edited by JTV for netiquette]”
Arron _ 112 months
“I enjoy the fact he tells the audience to hold it (at 1.05) thinking the audience is going to clap (and saying a line from his standard show I'm guessing), when in fact they boo.”

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