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_ Heart of a Champion

This video was and still is one of my prouder accomplishments, mostly because it was released during a time when videos were downloaded and not streamed. They were also fewer and far between, and I think this is truly one of the first juggling music videos, in which the lyrics of the song were used to inspire content.
At the time it was released, I won a lot of praise on rec.juggling and despite tons of videos released since then, people still send me e-mails requesting a link to this video. And honestly, I think "Heart of a Champion" will always feel like personal theme music to me.
Enjoy and thanks to the wonderful community of jugglers, without whom it wouldn't be worth putting in all the effort to share something like this.
2006 United States
  2009-06-25 03:43 5137

3_ they said...

koolmagicguy _ 139 months
“This is the best video I've seen.”
sumthinluv _ 161 months
“This is and absolutely incredible video! Instant favorite! Amazingly skillful juggling and a classic edit to go with it. I don't think it gets much better than this, I could watch this over and over forever!!!!

PS: Love the juggling equipment rack! Haha! :)”
TLMB _ 161 months
“Great to see this on JTV. It still rocks.”

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