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FINALLY! Alright, so we've got a lot of good stuff in here, like 8 catches of a 6 ring full reverse, 5 ring half shower, 5 ring full reverse double qualify, a 5 ball mills, 5 ring pancakes, 8 ring flash, 7 ring qualify, and a 4 box move I call "Impossible".
Sorry about the massive wait, I got a job and didn't have a single place to practice any move that needed more than an 8 foot ceiling. That AND After trying to use Sony Vegas with my regular video editing style, I found it to be 300 times more work (exactly, not an estimate) than to just use Windows Movie Maker. Or course the problem is Movie Maker got corrupted on my computer somehow and doesn't want to work correctly anymore, so I had to mash this thing together in movie maker and vegas, and save it piece by piece before finally recombining it tonight. Thus, the editing isn't the BEST in the world, but I think it's good enough, I absolutely did NOT want to release this after the IJA. Once the next semester starts, I'm sure I'll be getting even BETTER f
2009 United States
  2009-07-13 06:35 5191

1_ they said...

mango _ 166 months
“dude,,,thats awesome,,,you owe the world to juggle with LED rings ! great video ! I am amazed !”

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