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_ 3 Ball sequence

Here is new sequence i have put together. Let me know what you think.
  2009-11-17 01:10 4399

6_ they said...

Jon_U _ 166 months
“Thanks for your comments. Stan my website is www.jonudry.com. Thanks!”
stan _ 166 months
“Digging your style Jon.. Have you got a website?
I could only see a link to some other video site!
Which had loads of adverts, none of which where for you...”
Leeroy _ 166 months
“development is based on inspiration ;)... i like your routine”
TLMB _ 166 months
“Well, go on Tony, say which one then. Surely that can be said of any juggler, to some extent - no-one's completely original. The vaudevillians, the comedy jugglers, the dancers, the Nordics, the WJF-ers.... everybody owes something to someone. If you think Jon's being too derivative from one particular direction, let him know, 'cos he did ask.
I particularly liked the fake at 0m51, Jon.”
TonyGonzalez _ 166 months
“Reminds me of another juggler.”
ben-2-8 _ 166 months
“Awesome! Really awesome man.”

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