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_ Suns, not Shuffles!

I got 3 diabolo suns! Now I can get them nearly everytime, but please will somedoby please tell me how to do 3 diabolo shuffles? I find them harder than the sun, if you'll believe that. I finally got a hover sart as well, and the other day I got 16 or so otts.

Have a look through December posts in the diabolo.ca thread above.
  2009-12-06 01:25 4210

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Toddyupa _ 168 months
“Hmm... Hover takes a lot of practice. You really need to get the timing right with the hand that wrapped the diabolo, as you need to pull up in a way that makes the hand make the same motion as the 2 diabolo shuffle motion. This is hard, and is made harder by the fact that if your 2 diabolo shuffle is too small the pulling will become faster and if it's too big the diabolo will collapse into the shuffling diabolo. I've probably said too much now, but just practice.”
flyingddiabolos _ 168 months
“hamish, i have a problem i can do already like 10 otts with a wrap start but when i try hover it goes totally wrong, could you please give me some advice?”
yohan610 _ 170 months
“and keep an eye on your left hand, it does not move enough, keep training and one day you'll do it in an easy way”
Toddyupa _ 171 months
“Thank you for the comments and help Diabo1o, Jobdiab, Dodsen, Ben and Richard (the last 3 didn't post here).
I'm now using fixed axle shinings, very good. I no longer start with a sun unless I am doing tricks. My 3 diabolo is improving”
jobdiab _ 172 months
“try to don't start with the sun,
that maybe helps”
Toddyupa _ 173 months
“2 beaches and 1 Yoho led, I only have 2, I want another beach for 3D but now i'm just saving 3 shinings as they're better.”
Diabo1o _ 173 months
“question why you got 2 beach and one circus?1
the weigt is very important, that is why it goes wrong in first case...”

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