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It's an oldie but a goodie, Ryan from the Ministry of Manipulation showing his skills. Well worth another view, you probably haven't seen it for 2 years ;o)

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_ Contact Juggling - winter 2009

Sneaking out a release early here. Thought you might enjoy it.Made it yesterday in my living room with a broken, ancient 1st generation DV camera. Its a gift for the 2009 www.contactjuggling.org Xmas tree; so keep it secret.
Vancouver - 2009 Canada
  2009-12-22 04:47 7893

6_ they said...

LesterFord _ 131 months
“can't wait to see your next creation!”
RoyJoy _ 132 months
“Very original. Lots of new moves I haven't seen before. Even though its 3 years old. Great cinematography too.”
zentiago _ 146 months
“sos un valor !!”
BriManeely _ 159 months
“I love this video Ryan!! can't wait to see your next creation!”
Cbasstian _ 161 months
“yes! Ryan, its warm again, thanks!! we were waiting for it ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yes...”
Xotico _ 161 months
“Wowww Ryan...
always is a big pleasure see your work!
Sooo nice video, so nice music! and your Multiball and Cj...pffff amazing.
Thanks a lot for share your Cj and help us in our beautifull way.
A biiig hug from Argentina!”

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640x426 - 30fps - mp4 - 38.41MB
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